Mar 7, 2011

How The Dog Starts Our Day

It's a typical morning. Even though we close all bedroom and bathroom doors. Like they caution about leaving kids in cars, "It only takes a minute." The following all took place before breakfast.

Loves Q-tips. Must be used ones. This is what he's after in the trash. 

Simply rooting through the garbage is nothing special. 
For pencils, he also climbs onto chairs. So we have tried keeping them on a shelf next to the school table. He climbs on the table and reaches up to the shelf.

For toothbrushes, he climbs onto the toilet, then to the sink and walks around choosing who's he wants today. (Usually mine, but he has developed a taste for Father R's too.)

And then there are Mei's dolls. We have several "Venus di Milo's" with missing limbs. Also faces from "Night of the Living Dead." This is one that narrowly escaped with only chunks of hair ripped out.
It's a dangerous world in our house for anything that's not in a vault.



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