Apr 4, 2010

Easter Blessings

One thing the weather has done for us these past couple holidays is to cooperate nicely for enhanced entertaining pleasure! First the White Christmas, now the Glorious Easter! Who could complain about 78 degrees with dry air and cloudless skies? The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, daffodils everwhere, birds singing the "Halleluah Chorus". I swear it!
After a moving morning service at our home church, we headed south to join Father R's side at his sister's. An egg hunt (just what IS the cut-off age?), a feast of grilled lamb and spiral sliced ham with lots of seasonal trimmings, and then pie, cookies, and candy (of course).
Lots of silly reminisciences followed with the grandparents STILL learning about secretive, ne'er-do-well exploits during their sons' childhoods.
Much hugging and kissing and talk of upcoming graduations and recitals and trips promising more good times ahead. Blessings indeed.

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