Apr 16, 2011

Curriculum Fair Crazy

I just got back from charging through the Maryland Curriculum Fair. I'm wet from the storms, buzzed from the adrenaline rush and pumped for next year. This is what I grabbed for my 10yo Almost-FIFTH-Grader!!:

For Science, we'll be using Exploring Creation with Zoology: Land Animals in the Sixth Day by Apologia (apple-o-GEE-a, I'm corrected). Mei will be glad that I also purchased the Notebooking Journal .  I was entitled to a free DVD by Sherri Seligson from the Apologia Live seminar (which I MISSED because I didn't KNOW that it had just been in BALTIMORE! I'm on the mailing list now!)
For Spelling, I'm either going to switch from, or enhance, Spelling Wisdom (which we've been using this past year) with Natural Speller by Kathryn Stout of Design-a-Study.  I've been a little concerned that Spelling Wisdom might be a bit scattershot in its approach though I really appreciate the dictation of great quotes and passages from literature that it uses, a true Charlotte Mason text. (OOh, I used that dreaded 4-letter word.)
Natural Speller is also CM, but gets down to the task of using phonetic, or other type, groups of lists.  The beauty is I CHOOSE THE WORD LISTS!  I could even choose lists that contain some of the words in the Spelling Wisdom quote of the week. I'll have to play with that.

Another Holling C. Holling book, Minn of the Mississippi , is on Ambleside Online's Year 4 list. Got this copy like new for a discount at a used curriculum dealer. I see lots of notebooking and lapbooking in our future with this one.

I stumbled upon a charming looking Home Economics course for young girls (or boys that are secure in their Y-chromosome) called Lessons in Responsibility Level 3, also listed as Home Economics for Home Schoolers (age 10+) from the Pearables character curriculum writers. Nobody thinks of this! I'm already toying with inviting other cute kids to join us as a coop. In 30 weeks, it covers Nutrition, Cooking, Baking, Ironing, Sewing, CLEANING, Organizing, and Hospitality. There's stuff in  here I don't even know!

And for the horse-lover, I scored a used, hard-back edition of Marguerite Henry's Album of Horses. It won't matter if the pages are a little dog-eared; they'd end up that way in Mei's hands shortly.

Finally a toy: this Carson Microbrite 20X-40X Zoom LED Lighted Pocket Microscope to take on nature walks. Always wanted something like this. Found it at the Rainbow Resource Company's table (a must-stop-by site). If it's only passable, it didn't set me back.

I ran into a friend who is selling her Latin for Children, Primer A Teacher's Guide and DVD, so I'll be ordering the Student Workbook soon. Only wish I had thought of it while I was there.

Lots to look forward to! My brain is humming. Listen!

Had any fun at curriculum fairs this year?

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