Jan 25, 2013

Rose Garden in Winter

My name is Leslie and I am an addict.

Of perfectionism.

I have spent too too TOO many hours perfecting the look and feel that I want to express on this blog. To the point that I finally went too too TOO far by attempting to upload a custom font to Blogger (the nerve). Not only did I spend several hours following the very well-defined steps by Kevin and Amanda on their uber-cute blog only to have my font conversion efforts thwarted by some Microsoft "we don't recognize the program that created this" gar-bage [insert French accent here], but then all Hades let loose and suddenly a new background that I only temporarily tried on took possession of my blog and wouldn't let go its grip.

It was more HOURS. I had so run out of ideas that I was ready to create a whole new blog and import. But I didn't trust that THAT would work either. And the repercussions were too horrible to consider.

Finally I offered up a prayer. Why is it that we (or at least I) turn to prayer as a LAST resort rather than a FIRST one?

Within a few minutes, I had a new stratagem, was led to new links, found this much-more perfect background than I was previously using (which, HORRORS, had not matched the shade of blue-green in my banner), AND discovered the why of the other resurfacing background. All within fifteen minutes of a feeble prayer.

Don't believe? Try it yourself sometime. Just don't wait hours.
So a BIG thanks to my Lord and Savior and a shout-out to The Background/Graphics Fairy for my rose garden in the depths of my winter of discontent.

P.S. So whaddaya think of my blog anyway? Tell Mother All About It!

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