Apr 19, 2013

The Blessings of Blogging: Intro

Well, last night was the culmination of two-and-a-half days of exhausting preparation for a presentation to our local support group entitled "The Blessings of Blogging." It was exhausting simply BECAUSE I only had two-and-a-half days to prepare for it, having volunteered at the last minute!! (I guess God's timing keeps Him chuckling...)

But, I'm a Last Minute kind of gal. I guess that's why I would have been good in the advertising industry (my major). I understand  that "I want it yesterday" approach.

Did I mention I created my first-ever Power Point too? Amazing what you can accomplish if you don't sleep!

I entitled it "The Blessings of Blogging" because the more I participate in this form of communication the more I realize how many ways blogging can be a support both for the blog writer and blog reader. And it can be a powerful, but often overlooked tool for our homeschool students.

I figured  why limit my thoughts to the 100+ women in our group, so I'm sharing it here. I'll be breaking it down into several posts so keep on the look-out!

And check out my page at the top, Notable Blogs, with the list of over two dozen great blogs, and blog-creating links for both you and your kids!

Did YOU attend the presentation? If so, thanks!

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  1. Hi! I was at the meeting last night. I am one of the very few moms who has a blog AND has children with blogs. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging. My blog was kept up back in the beginning....I love to read those first few years, though my main theme is exhaustion at that time...LOL! Now that my kids are older I have less time and energy to blog, but it is fun to keep a record for our family!

    I have met a few blogging friends in person now and it is a special community!

    My 8 and 10 year old girls have public blogs through blogger now and they record thoughts and such. It's fun to see what they do!

  2. You AND your kids blog? You go, girls! Love your on-line name. Sounds like we would get along great! Maybe the girls could meet mine sometime, too! And feel free to use my list to promote theirs if you're comfortable with that.
    Thanks for the encouragement. It was really fun to present. Stop back soon! <3

  3. you did a great job, loved it!

  4. You are so sweet! Thanks for the encouragement. The feedback I've been getting has been really fulfilling.


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