May 4, 2013

Bird's-Eye View of the Week: Co-ops, Red Tape, and Cicadas
We'll be seeing a LOT of these. Credit

The end is in sight! 

We've reached May. AND the sun has been shining as much as two whole days in a row! And I even have turned off the heat (most of the time)! This is sooooo un-Maryland. IOW, it's usually nicer, even hot at times. But, it HAS helped delay the emergence of the 17-Year Cicadas! So, I'll kwitmibitchen.

Some mile-markers this week! After the two straight days of rain and Dad out of town, putting on street clothes and heading to the orthodontist sounded like a party. And turns out, it kind of was! The doc put a 'hold' on rubber bands already after only a couple of months. (Doc: "Wow, her teeth are really responsive!" Me: "So do we get a rebate for less services required?" Doc: "Hahahaha.")
It's Official!

Bigger and better was Mei's American name being officially entered into the government record books. Changing her name was not something we just recently decided on; her American name was chosen before she came home 11 years ago. But just last year, through a fluke, we discovered that the INS never noted it when she arrived in the States, so as far as the US government was concerned, our daughter didn't exist, at least not by what we call her. Tell that to Social Security, however, who gladly issued her an ID card in 2002. Under the American name. Hmmm. Anyway, the event gave us an excuse to eat cake!

Our co-op days are winding down. The Thursday group is finished already and the Friday group has just one more week. On Thursdays, Mei participated in a good introductory writing course similar to IEW. After two years, she has gained a lot of confidence in her writing, but more importantly, in taking constructive criticism. For her, that is H-U-G-E! She will now be equipped to take on the next level offered on Fridays. Thursdays this year also offered art and speech. I was really impressed with how well the kids responded to the speech topic and was glad they had this exposure to something not normally taught to ones so young. Art was taught by yours truly and used the "Meet the Masters" program. I've been dying to write a review of it here; maybe when the chalkdust settles. For now I'll just say that all the kids gave it a thumbs up and so did this teacher!
Board games class for an only child. Perfect!
 Fridays have given Mei exposure to cake decorating, cooperative board games, health, and P.E. Mom has assisted in the cake class (:-D !! ), a sewing class, and her best hour of the week, Study Hall. ("SSShh! I'm trying to write a blog post!")

Both of these co-ops have enriched our studies, but more importantly, our interactions with other Christian parents and kids. It's been especially wonderful for our school-of-one, and I recommend it.
American History Scrapbook
For this final stretch, I've given Mei the option of creating an American History scrapbook to showcase all that she's covered in the last two years, 1600-1800. Basically, it's a ramped up lapbook. She is super-excited to work on it, and I'm going to give her all the time she wants. I was going to write about it here, but it was getting a little long, so I'm detailing that in a separate post.  I'll share my sources and stuff there. Take a look if you want some ideas! 

The end would be NOW if I went by counting school days alone. I was shocked to see we had completed 180 in APRIL! But when you don't take off for Rosh Hashanah, a week for Easter, or Staff Development Days, they stack up. Add in some school on weekends (educational trips), and woah! Nonetheless, we haven't met all our objectives yet, so I'll hide Mei's eyes from this post and keep the cat IN the bag (wink).

How about you?
Got the end in your sights? Done already? Or do you school year-round? Tell Mother All About It!

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  1. Thanks for linking to Collage Friday. Your post made me laugh -- I can tell you love life!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

    1. I'm delighted to have brightened your day, Mary. It's my way of saying "Thanks" for the great blog you pour yourself into for the rest of us! <3

  2. We do homeschool all year, but i call it a homeschool diet. We cut back and study only a few topics. This year we are focusing on science and world history. It will be fun and not at all school like. Thanks for sharing at the homeschool review and I look forward to seeing how this week goes. -Savannah @ HammockTracks

    1. A homeschool diet! That's great! Yes, I suppose the learning never really gets turned off if you're homeschooling. We do a lot of nature study in the summer and keep plugging at math. We regret the one year we didn't and don't want to repeat the mistake!

  3. I had heard that the Cicadas were going to be bad this year. They have not hit NY yet but I am sure they are working their way North.

    We dont take weeks off or many breaks at all year round - surprising how much you accomplish!

    found you over at Homegrown Learners 8) Enjoy the week!

  4. Thanks for stopping by, Mama! Those cicadas are not "on the move." They have been buried in your backyard for 17 (!!) years. I've lived through several emergences now. (Don't do the math.) When I was pregnant with my first they were out, and sure enough, they were back when that baby was going to prom. What a great nature study opportunity. Don't miss it!


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