Nov 6, 2009

Learning To Sew!

MeiWei had her first experience with the sewing machine a year ago when she made a Christmas present of a patchwork polar fleece dog blanket for Mr. Bingley (dog print natch). Mr. Bingley loves it and carries it around to show to visitors.
Right off the bat, MeiWei showed such considerable skill with controlling the speed of the machine that she "seamed" (haha) ready for something more advanced.
We decided on flannel jammie bottoms, otherwise known as lounge pants by lazy teens. MotherR, using her 30 years of sewing knowkedge, wanted a really simple pattern and found it in Simplicity "It's So Easy" # 2738 (CLICK HERE to order from
She picked out a very loud, surprisingly pink, not-surprisingly puppy print which she planned to hem in glittery pink ribbon.

She finished the pants in three sessions of about an hour each. (I had to force her to stop--not the usual routine.) She then went on to make the matching button-front top, trimmed in more glitter ribbon and heart-shaped buttons. Here she is with her runway escort in the pants:

Next project: making them for gifts!

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  1. MOM
    <<<333 TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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