Nov 4, 2009

All The Way Home

Everyone asked me when we were in the "paper chase" stage of adoption whether I would homeschool this one like I had the older one. My resolve not to was strengthened the more I got to know MeiWei's head-strong ways.
    "If I homeschool her, at the end of the year one of us will wind up dead, " I would lament. (Note to social workers: it would be me by a self-inflicted wound with a Sharpie. Please do not prepare a file.)
     But the decision was clear: if she didn't get out of the classroom now, the damage might be irreversible. But what did MeiWei want??
     One day, we were driving around and I brought up the homeschool topic. (Driving around is always a great time to embark on topics of giant proportions and remain seemingly casual about them. It was while driving around that Tai-tai made the connection--haha--about how babies are made.) MeiWei knew that Tai-tai had been homeschooled, so I thought I'd test the waters and see if it would interest her. I used the journal episode as a springboard.
     "You know if I was your teacher, I'd let you write whatever you want, " I reflected.
      I guess it was settled then.

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