Nov 4, 2009

The Way Home

As the frustrations and the dots mounted, we investigated all possible alternatives. Expecting the school to push desks apart or raise walls between classrooms was probably expecting too much. (The classrooms were doubtlessly designed around the plan of clustered desks to conserve real estate: education per square foot.)
    A suggestion was made that MeiWei could have a "study carrel" to work in the following year to help her distractedness.  (I always think of Steve Carrell who might have also been exiled to one when he was seven.) She could also have an assistant teacher assigned to her to help her stay on track.
    But kids being smarter than we give them credit for, she, if not her peers, would eventually be asking, "Why the special treatment? What's wrong with me?" Everyone- being-different-in-their-own-special-way doesn't hold up very well on the playground.
      After looking into all the private schools in the area and seeing our little life savings going down the tubes before she graduated high school, darling hubbie turned one day and said, "You were the best teacher Tai (big sis) ever had. Why don't you homeschool this one?"
    I must say I got a knot in my throat, even though I had a knot in my stomach as well at the thought.

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