Nov 22, 2009

Rabbit Lapbook Update

Boy, I don't know about this. I can see why some AmblesideOnline people would say this is "twaddly." What a lot of work for a relatively small amount of end result! I've spent HOURS putting together these little minibooks, designing some by hand and hunting for others on

For example, I was inspired by another mom's rabbit lapbbok her 2 daughters had made which included some math facts. Well, seeing as how we're talking RABBITS what could be more obvious than MULITPLICATION facts?? MeiWei is doing "pre-multiplication" with skip-counting by 2's, 5's and 10's as Math-U-See instructs. So I planned for nine little "matchbooks" that when closed displayed the fact and when opened revealed the answer. A template on HomeschoolShare showed a nifty book that would hold eight of the matchbooks inside. I could paste the ninth on the cover. Then I would cleverly entitle it "Multiplying Like Rabbits!"

So a couple of hours later, after downloading the PDF, copying to various papers, cutting, labeling and pasting the matchbooks into the cover, I place it on the lapbook. The "mini"book is too BIG for the lapbook. Wonderful! And this minibook was designed for lapbooking.

I had to cut the whole thing apart into little matchbook facts and redesign the cover (into thirds, mind you) to make it work. I don't like to gripe but I feel I've gotta go onto their Community Board and say a thing or two. Homeschool moms don't have time like this to waste.

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