Nov 22, 2009

This Week's Menu

Big winners and losers from the last two weeks. The gold star goes to the Asian Peanut Butter Pork in the crock. DadR exclaimed about every third bite. AND everyone else--picky Tai, little picky AMCD--liked it too (Shock-a-roo!!) Full of flavor but not hot.
But the Walnut and Sage Potatoes au Gratin in the crock went flat. They tasted OK --if you could get past the look of curdled cheese and gray taters. And I'm stuck with LOTS of them. AMCD is getting fond of making "casseroles" with bits of leftovers that she swirls together on her plate and then tops with shredded cheese to be nuked 'til melted. This was a way to sell some more of the au gratins. But not much.

So now it's Thanksgiving week, but that actually makes it more difficult to plan because there are so many more factors involved: leftovers, taking food to the hostess's home, family coming and going more over a long 4-day weekend. AND it's DadR's birthday thrown in too!
Also there were several missed nights last week, leaving us with stuff that was never cooked to carry over to this one.

So here goes:

Monday: Leftover Peanut Pork and sticky rice

Tuesday : Steak on grill, mash-those-potatoes-au-gratin? (the crocked potats that didn't work out), peas or salad

Wednesday: Kansas City Steak Soup ( nice and healthy vegetarian meal before the artery-choking next day) cornbread

Thanksgiving Day: SIL will do turkey, stuffing etc. We're bringing a big green salad, Tai's Szechuan Green beans, my apple pie, and cupcakes to celebrate DadR's and Papa's birthdays.

Late night: leftover soup or pizza

Friday: I'm outta here. Tai's turn.

Saturday: DadR's Birthday: Lasagna, brown 'n' serve rolls, salad. Boston cream cake from store.

Sunday: His choice.

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