Dec 3, 2009

Menu Review

Well, I bombed this week with the Slow Cooker Orange Chicken . Left it to cook all day (noon 'til 6) and ended up with orange-tainted chicken bbq chunks that were half-dried and slightly scorched. It was even more disappointing because I wanted to prove to Tai that Chinese could be done in the crock. (She had pleaded with me not to try.) It showed so much promise, but alas. I gave some of it a try and Bill didn't even mind it, but it would have been so much better. Guess "Fix It and Forget It" is not always the case.
The Turkey Soup also had issues because of the rice--I substituted white for the wild--as it cooked to a gruel-like consistency. However, the flavor was still great and provided lots of leftovers for lunches.

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