Dec 4, 2009

Nature Study: Oak Trees: It's All About the Acorns!

I had been apprehensive about Ambleside's timing of a tree study in the winter. Who studies trees when the leaves are all off?? But yesterday, as we took our walk around the lake, I was excited to find several trees that had cones or seedpods or even fruit in early December! The best thing is MeiWei was also excited. I think my enthusiasm for nature study is beginning to rub off!

A couple of weeks ago we had stopped to pick up a few different oak leaves near the house. I have never been good at oak ID and determined to do better. Well, after reading in Handbook of Nature Study
, I found that scientists have trouble with certain types of oaks because the same tree can produce several different leaf shapes! Boy, did that make me feel better. (It's the little things, you know.)
So to really know what you're dealing with you need the ACORNS!
How To Identify an Oak Tree video

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