Jan 28, 2010

Cattail Study

Yesterday, before my "fall from grace,"(see post )we began our cattail study from the Outdoor Hour Challenge ebook . MeiWei and I and Mr. Bingley, the dog, walked down to the little pond on the neighbor's property, which
I suspect might have been the irrigation pond that provided water for the horses who once were raised here.
It is a picturesque setting. Edged on three sides by lawns that roll down to it, bordered behind by woods, and watched over by the original farmhouse, it attracts geese year-round and is our source for spring peeper choruses to herald the season on warm nights .
It also hosts a small stand of cattails.
We didn't have much time because of our date to go skating, so Mei shot these pics for referencing later. Then she made a quick sketch of the flower end of the plant and filled in a couple of notes on the jounaling page from the study's ebook.  Tomorrow I'll have her finish the page, now that the photos are on the computer. But for now, I will recuperate and enjoy her great shots.
photos by MeiWei


  1. Welcome to the Outdoor Hour Challenges! I am so glad you are starting with your cattails and you are keeping a journal. You are going to have a great adventure with your daughter.

    I love that your dog's name is Mr. Bingley...great choice. :)

    Looking forward to seeing your next entry,
    Barb-Harmony Art Mom

  2. I forgot to tell you that we have a toad named Mr. Darcy and my daughter has a fish named Captn. Wentworth.

    Funny huh?


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