Jan 28, 2010

Fall from Grace

After the cattail study, Mei and I and friend Keri headed to the local rink for homeschool ice skating time.
Halfway through, I tripped, fell backwards and am now posting this with a concussion.
I'm very surprised at how much damage can be done by this. I saw stars, almost passed out (saved myself by getting my head between my knees), felt nauseous and then just limp as a noodle. Had a brief episode of vertigo at the ER, and uncontrollable shivering for hours. Just managed to hold still long enough for the CAT scan, which thankfully was normal.
The lesson here is "Don't think you can easily copy little girls of 10 who are competitive skaters." They were my inspiration for trying to do stuff I clearly wasn't capable of doing.
MeiWei started taking lessons recently and we were there for practice time. I had been encouraging Mei and even have been learning along with her by paying close attention at her classes. I've been skating all my life, but never learned any "moves". This day I was watching the advanced girls and I had just proudly shown MW how I was beginning to understand how to do a little spin when I lost my balance and tipped completely backward onto my head. Really. No other part of my body even has a bruise. Strangely my JAW locked up on both sides and I could hardly talk. That hurt worse than my head. So the EMT's came, strapped me to an ice-cold board while I was pinned on the floor between a bench and a wall of the hockey player penalty box (where I collapsed after coming off the ice) and was wheeled off like an injured football player. I could only roll my eyes to say good-bye to MeiWei from a distance. That was very hard.
It was so fortunate (thank you, God ) that we had just befriended two or three other homeschool moms. They took over Mei and Keri until Keri's mom could come get them. The staff was wonderful too.
So I'm still swimmy headed but Keri's mom has taken Mei for the PM, so it's quiet. Tai will be home at dinner and can take over then. FatherRobin is working late at a very big presentation. Because of that I'm just thankful it didn't happen tonight.
So what were MW's first words after my being away in the ER for five hours?
"Is there school tomorrow?"


  1. What a story! I hope you are feeling better very soon.

  2. Thanks, Barb. I'm still swimmy headed, but no serious damage. Or at least I'm no more brain-damaged than usual :-P


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