Jan 17, 2011

1 for 1: Book Challenge

                                                One for One in '11

 I've stumbled upon the blog "52 Books in 52 Weeks" before and was overwhelmed at the very thought, not to mention the execution, especially for me.  It took me at least 3 months to get through some Jane Austen books. How could anyone who does more than read by the fading light of the afternoon eating bon-bons while reclining on a fainting couch possibly have time to read a book a WEEK? A MAGAZINE a week would be a challenge!
But "52 Books" gives bonus points/grace to those who tackle more than Oprah's Book Club selections. You're allowed to read a classic a month for instance. I might be able to do that with a prod.
I really liked the category options, especially the Well-Educated Mind list. Since homeschooling MeiWei using Charlotte Mason and Ambleside Online, I feel the push personally to become better-read. (Can't have the child out-educate me!) So the challenge of 3 selections each from 4 of the five categories. Here's the page from "52 Weeks" WEM list.
But first I have to finish Elizabeth Gaskell's Cranford.

What are you reading--just for YOU?

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