Jan 1, 2011

Christmas Week 2010

We arrived in Eagles Mere with little snow,but great ice on the lake and most importantly on the pond! Mei and Father R  immediately laced  up while I watched  from the shore catching up with the Christmas Week crowd and giving Mr. Bingley a chance to meet and greet the neighbor hounds.
MeiWei practicing her moves
   Tai joined "Fred Mertz" to ski at Elk Mountain and had a blast. Great conditions and mild temps. Her old crotchety parents with their assortment of aches and pains--back, hip, plantar faciatis---stayed home. Too bad! We might have gotten up Mei's courage to take a Wee Ski lesson if we had been able to watch her back! A party-fest lasted two nights over the New Year's weekend with a lively dinner at the club, a few of us together to toast Dick Clark, and a follow-up on the First for games and gab. The worst of the warming trend held off just long enough for everyone to get a last skate in before heading home. A nice kick-off for 2011.
***Confession: These pics are last year's; I didn't get any for this Christmas,
the camera having been left at home.
So just imagine this scene with no snow but glassy ice!


  1. Last years photos aside ;) those are beautiful! Thank you for stopping by my blog (and my weebly compiling site!) so glad you found something of use!
    Have a great week.

  2. Just posted about the Kindle. Let me know how I did!


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