Jan 1, 2011

What, Me Journal?

I like the idea of blogging without guilt which I read about somewhere on another blog. It's the one thing that bouyed my faith in myself through this very long gap of posts from last spring. So rather than feel like a failure or that I have to start over or delete this blog,or worse MAKE EXCUSES, I am going to just pick up right here.

Something I've been doing since last summer is journaling. I bought a day planner from Simply Charlotte Mason , the old fashioned kind with a week-view and inspirational quotes by Charlotte herself on "willfullness" and how to combat it, and made a pledge to myself that I would write in it everyday. Since August when I purchased it, I've been pretty consistent. The part I like is that the limited writing space frees me and constrains me at the same time. I'm constrained, rather like Twitter, to keep my reflections few, and I'm freed from feeling my entry has to be voluminous and therefore  spend much time on it.  I intend to keep up with this. I can see the use, if nothing else, of making a note of something now that I would like to refer to later, like Christmas plans that failed. (not too many :-) )

I plan to make that another "1 for 1" pledge. Maybe "once or (or twice) a week for one year". It'll be a first (no pun intended).

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