May 6, 2013

Field Trip: Learning "Keynote" at the Apple Store

Let's get this out in the open right now.

I'm a PC.

Now that we've had full disclosure, I can proceed to share a wonderful FREE resource provided by those friendly, geeky-cool associates at the Apple Store: 

technology lessons

Mei and about a dozen other homeschool students gathered at our local Apple Store in the Mall for a hands-on class in creating a "Keynote" presentation. (PC people: this means PowerPoint to us.)

Large screen in back took kids through steps.
For two hours (!) a charming young man named Wole (like Wall-E but with an "ay" ending) led the kids  through all the steps to create original stories that included clip art, photos, fonts, and lots of animated transitions. There were plenty of other sweet, well-trained geeks to help. At the end, they each received a screaming yellow T-shirt, a certificate of completion, and a yellow, rubber, Livestrong-type bracelet that served as the thumb drive containing their creation. My student who balked at going was grinning ear-to-ear at the end.

Did you notice the price for all that?

Great one-on-one assistance.
And while they were doing that, we moms headed to Panerra for breakfast.

I'm told they offer CAMPS over the summer that teach movie-making and music-editing. For more info about the free classes like we took and to get on their e-list to be notified about registration for camps in your area, go to Apple Retail Store/Learn/Youth .
*Note: the site identifies this class as being for kids 6-12, but most of our kids were between 12 and high school, so don't be afraid to approach them if your kids are older.
Another Mac convert.

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