May 5, 2013

Menu Plan: Warmer Weather Eating-- May 6-12

My tulips assure the return of warm weather. No more teasing.

 Grilling time is back and Michele at 5Dinners-in-1Hour has some new things to try on it along with seasonal vegetables to go along with them. I'm also including a recipe for whole wheat Italian breadsticks made in the bread machine to go alongside.

 I am on about my ninth month of using this time- and money-saving plan and seasonality is another one of the bonuses I'm seeing. How nice to look forward to menus that take advantage of the best of that time of the year.

Another time-saver I'm incorporating is the Express Lane curb-side pick-up service at Harris-Teeter. The much-anticipated store just opened last month a mile from home and when I learned of this service I knew I had to try it. Combining the ease of a ready-made grocery list from 5Dinners with the time-saving of shopping online---once in bed at 11 pm, another time while relaxing on my deck---probably saves me 3-4 hours in a week.

And by keeping me out of the store, I'm sticking to my list instead of making spontaneous purchases, further saving me money. This more than justifies the $1/week menu plan and $5/order shopping. Other stores are experimenting with this idea as well as home delivery, all designed to appeal to working families. Well, we homeschool moms are working moms too! Try it!

And now on with the Menu:


Grilled Pork Chops in a smoky marinade
Mashed sweet potatoes
Steamed broccoli


Tandoori Salmon
Brown rice
Green beans


Easy Baked Ziti
Green salad
Whole Wheat Italian Breadsticks
Whole Wheat Breadsticks courtesy The Happy Housewife


Taco Chicken Legs
Corn on the Cobs
Grape tomatoes


Leftover Buffet


Broiled Steak and Pineapple Bites
Green Salad

Sunday: Mother's Day

Bet you can guess I'M not cooking!!

Got menu questions? Got Mother's Day plans? Tell Mother All About It!

Join the rest of the menu-loving blogosphere at Organizing Junkie for more great plans!

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