Nov 14, 2009

Cooking Again

I've been blessed abundantly for the last two years with DaddyRobin's willingness (even eagerness) to make dinner virtually every night. In fact I had practically forgotten how to cook! He can grill, he can stir-fry, he can put together interesting ingredients and all without a recipe.

He had been laid-off in the spring which allowed him to be home all day and do odd jobs, cut grass, help with MeiWei, and most importantly COOK. But when that ended last week (and we are singing God's praises that it has, don't get me wrong! :-)), I confess I was in tears at the thought of homeschooling all day and being responsible for dinner every night along with other evening "taxi jobs".

I'm that spoiled. How embarrassing.

I always chastise myself about this, how "other mothers", particularly those homeschooling ones that have five kids under 10 and one on the way, who garden organically and bake all their own bread--whole grain--do it. Okay, my excuse can be GAD (general anxiety disorder), but then that kind of thinking only adds to my anxieties!

Well, sweet, supportive hubbie talked me through it and my fears began to subside as he assured me that frozen entrees by Stouffer's were OK.

Then I found some blogs other homeschoolers were using:
I'm an Organized Junkie
and A Year of Slow Cooking . "Junkie" encourages weekly menu planning. So that's what I've done for a record two weeks in a row.
This week I've even added home delivery from Giant Food's Peapod program. I'm justifying the $7.95 delivery fee as the time-value of money saved for not driving there and back, spending on spontaneous purchases, and exhausting AMCD and me at the end of a school day. AND they'll give me free delivery on my next order over $100.

I'll keep you posted. Delivery is Monday morning!

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