Nov 14, 2009

Rabbit Lapbook

Well it looks like we'll finally bite the bullet and try this lapbooking thing. Apparently, in this Homeschool 2.0 universe that I now find myself in (Homeschooling in the internet age) you aren't home educating unless you're creating lapbooks. In Homeschool 1.0, you were cutting edge if you had foregone textbooks for unit studies. (We were sooooo clued. As in "Konos." Back then, the Hulcy kids were the kids. Not the grandkids.) In this millenium I'm feeling longer in the tooth and less inclined to build full-scale teepees in the backyard or create walk-through models of the ear.

So now it's these lapbooks.

A lapbook is like a pop-up book for showcasing a child's knowledge of a topic. Of course she could write a report or take a test. But if you are the grandparent at the holiday dinner, wouldn't you rather play with a pop-up book than read a book report?

This form of documenting MeiWei's knowledge may be well suited considering her aversion to handwriting. Oh, it's not that she has nothing to say! I have to persuade her that we only have so many allotted words we can use in a day and she shouldn't waste them.....(No, it's not true. You do what you have to do to get a little peace.)

With a lapbook, she can present bite-size pieces of info in the form of mini-books written by hand or even typed, it doesn't matter. And knowing that her audience is going to really love looking at her work is an incentive.

Need a visual? Check out the Queen of Lapbooking

So upon concluding the Rodent chapters of Thornton Burgess' Animal Book
I asked her what her favorite animal was and she quickly replied, "Rabbits!"

I got a good start with other mini-books (the bones of a lapbook) pertaining to rabbits at Homeschool Share

So here we go! Give us a week. We're going to try and have it done to shove in front of all the relatives at Thanksgiving.

Oh, and I found out that rabbits are not rodents. More later...

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